Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dose of Reality

As a mom my life literally revolves around my nine, six and almost four year old children.  You think I am kidding?  I am sure that any parent with little ones can relate.  There are days when I wish instead of the tooth fairy visiting I could get a cleaning fairy; she could wave her wand and voila EVERY THING could have a home and organized place. However, THAT is NEVER going to happen.  Instead my life starts with a wake up call every morning at 7:45 from one child or another wanting something and then it's trying to wade through the mountain of chaos that ensues literally ALL day or most of it when there isn't school.  Lately I have been desperately trying to get a hand on this because face it one person can live in chaos for only so long.  My husband seems to think that our house should be spotless and literally nothing on the floor. So I began to peruse the internet trying to find other people's ideas on getting organized. It was than that I came across a blog called From Faye, her honesty about her ways of cleaning were not only refreshing, but I also realized that I am NOT the only parent that seems to struggle with staying organized and managing a house hold. So, for ALL the parents that yet haven't aspired the art of perfection, THANK YOU you have given me a much needed DOSE of reality and I can keep moving forward with the hopes that the wind of change is right around the corner.