Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Depression and Anxiety the silent battle!!!

 Several  weeks ago sadly we lost a wonderful actor who not only had the ability to act out anything, but he also had the ability to make just about any one laugh.  I don't think there was one person who couldn't sit there with a straight face while listening
or watching one of his movies and he will be greatly missed.  I don't mean to sound cruel but it's understandable why he finally decided to commit suicide.  Depression and Anxiety is a silent battle that 90% of the time goes unnoticed or no one really wants to talk about it or deal with it.  I know this because I too struggle with Depression.  Every day is a struggle to even complete a simple task.  Even though I never knew Robin if he dealt with true depression I can relate.  I am sure that he had a ton of friends, fans and even family, but as I have aged I have learned that ALL of those people can be placed into several different categories.  There is the category of those who really care and are constantly contacting you to see if you are okay. There is the category of those who care but are afraid to talk to you because they can't understand the silent battle that you have to face every day and the challenges that come with it. Then there is the category of friends that pretend to care but when you need them the most they can"t be reached or in the end they just don't care, and last there are those that pretend to care, but they talk about you behind your back and are in no way shape or form your friend to begin with. With those I say, I don't need you.  I repeat I only knew Robin through his movies, I can understand the deep need to try to mask the depression that haunts you every day.  Yes, I have three children, a faith in God, and some family and friends that I care about. However, that doesn't make the battle of depression any easier.  Medicine does help but until your family and friends understand the true battle that you are going through even they can't even help you.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard: "Well, you don't need meds you just need a stronger faith in God." While that may be well and good, God is the one who made us and as human as we are sometimes I wonder if, "Is faith in GOD ENOUGH?" YES, GOD mad us, but he also made doctors, and he made scientists.  God also gave these scientists the brain power to create the meds that help fight depression. My last thought is this before you judge a person because they have depression, take a moment to walk in their shoes, a moment to walk in their life. See life through their perspective and ask yourself, Is this person doing this for attention or just maybe this is a silent cry for help; cause I can tell you this 90% of the time people that silently battle depression often think, "well, if I kill myself it will "FIX" it and my problems will end.  I will tell you this, Killing yourself ISN'T the answer. On the contrary, it opens up MORE problems because now the world will have to LIVE without you, and if you have kids, it will make things MUCH worse.  Before you make that permanent life decision do your OWN homework, GET HELP! There are REAL people that want to reach out their hand and help you, there are REAL people that care. Real people that have been where you are at and may have the answers and resources to help you.  It may be too late for Robin Williams, but it's NOT too late for you!
                                                     R.I.P. ROBIN WILLIAMS
                                                 JULY 21, 1955-AUGUST 11, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

To take the pledge or NOT to

Lately I have been seeing people take an "Ice bucket" challenge in the name of ALS, as honerable as this challenge is, I will NOT be perticipating.  I know hold the phone, I understand the rules either donate 10.00 for doing the challenge or 100 if you refuse; before you shoot me down, here me out.  As honerable as this challenge it, the more I watch it, I can't help feel that people have made a mochery of what the challenge is really about. You have people using water buckets, cups and now as of late some one was doing it in the ocean?  While their intentions are well and good I ask myself do they even understand why they are really doing it or are they doing it under peer pressure? I say this because I had a wonderful friend pass away from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. As he once stated to me, ALS is almost worse than cancer it can victimise anyone.  As a spectator to ALS it wasn't fun to watch my wonderful friend die a slow painful death.  Every day was a challeng; from eating a simple meal to trying to attempt to go to the bathroom.  Am I saying that the ice challenge is wrong, NO by all means it's honerable, I am saying that if you are doing the challenge DON'T get caught up in all the " Whoo-hoo's I'm doing the challenge, but make sure that your motives are in the right place and you are doing it for the right reason.  ALS is painful and dreadful thing to go through and I wouldn't wish it on anyone let alone myself.  Everytime I hear the word ALS the last conversation I had with Elmer goes through my mind, "You know if I end up going to the hospital, that will be my last.  I will NOT be coming back"  Just like cancer this isn't a disease that you can plan for, after all who plans on dying?