Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are you REALLY ever entitled to it?

How many times have WE all heard, "You're ALWAYS entitled to YOUR opinion?  Really, are we REALLY entitled to our opinion?  I mean think about it.  Your opinion SHOULD be free, and yes we ALL should be entitle to OUR opinion I mean, look at the number one amendment. According to OUR  constitution we DO have the freedom of speech which also concludes having a RIGHT to an opinion, but again I beg to ask are we still entitled to OUR opinion?  Think about it, let's start with the number one opinionated subject that is being faced in America today, Gun Control.  Every one wants to know what YOUR opinion is on Gun control.  If you would walk into a normal town meeting and express your opinion, whether for or against gun control, some would accept you while others may not and would lead to violence.  So, if you are REALLY entitle to your opinion, than why is it that when it's given it's often NOT accepted as an opinion but rather people get angry and violence breaks out???? An opinion is just THAT an Opinion.  It's a matter of thought or belief by a particular person that you may or may NOT share and should be left as JUST that an opinion. One of the things that I am REALLY trying to teach my children is that people are people and just like us THEY have an opinion.  I have always heard that respect isn't something that is given freely it's EARNED.   If that IS the case do you have to EARN the respect to HAVE an opinion?  The sentence"You have to RESPECT the opinion of others," is often thrown at us like a ball in baseball, so why do people more often than not, NOT  respect the opinion of others and learn to walk away?  Instead people share their opinion, get all HOT HEADED, and want to start a fight. Is it REALLY worth the fight when you share YOUR opinion? Words hurt, can leave scars and can even kill so why share an opinion if NO ONE wants to accept it.  As a MOM with A.D.D and a child that has A.D.D. and OTHER behaviors I have been trying to teach myself and my children that EVEN though you ARE entitled to an opinion it's best to KEEP that opinion to yourself until it is either asked of your in a spot where your opinion DOES matter and is accepted peacefully.  So, are you REALLY entitled to your opinion? My answer yes, but there is a TIME and a PLACE for an opinion to be freely given, warranted AND accepted. The hard part is trying to discern WHEN that time occurs and for ME I am still learning, Life IS a learning process.....

Friday, February 15, 2013

The OTHER woman????

It's official that I HATE valentines day which is WHY I am writing about it the DAY after.  My husband and I NEVER really celebrate it only cause I have had a bad history with the "official" day of love.  So, on the DAY before as a family we went to the grocery store where MY significant other decides to HAND me a flower.  Me being the light hearted person that I am start chuckling and making a joke out of it by saying to the clerk: "Yupper's nothing like buying my OWN valentines present." However, when we got home and got things put away, my significant other proceeds to tell me that he didn't buy the flower for me, he bought it for "Samantha." (names changed to protect privacy).  At first I looked at him and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for several moments.  Than I asked the question that needed to be asked: "Why?" According  to MY significant other Samantha had been telling the Head/Vice principles as well as MY significant other that she DIDN'T want ANY chocolates, or flowers for Valentines day.  So, as an innocent joke  MY significant other went and bought her a flower.  I have been with my significant other for seven years, and I DO trust him but as a woman I am REALLY struggling with the fact that HE bought  flowers for another  woman, So, to ALL THE WOMAN OUT THERE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR MAN BOUGHT FLOWERS TO ANOTHER WOMAN??????

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Advocate for ONE Advocate for ALL

So, not sure if many people know it, but my daughter has severe eczema, or as my daughter likes to call it, the YUCKIES!!!!  One of the things we HAVE to do is a 20 min. treatment twice a day.  Do I want to take 20-30 min to put her to bed, not really especially when I'm tired; but when you have a condition you DO what you have to DO.  As I look back on how I have handled things I AM my daughter's advocate.  It was funny cause as I was reading the eczema article that I had written for my daughter that is posted on my website, my oldest looks at me and asks," How come YOUR not MY advocate?"   At first I was shocked that he would even asked such a question.  I mean I work SO hard at trying to please my kids and making sure they would "get it" that some how sadly I feel like I have over looked the "REAL" issues in their tiny but yet so important  lives.  However, as my son sat there patiently waiting for an answer MY light bulb went on (YES I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE OF THOSE) I replied to him," Josh I AM your advocate."  I am your advocate first thing in the morning when YOU refuse to get out of bed, I'm your advocate when I have to dress you like a seven month old NOT a seven year old,  I'm an advocate to your five year old brother who is JUST trying to avoid the whole.middle child syndrome ALL together  and I'm an advocate to my two year old who struggles with YUCKIES every day.  So, the TRUE question is, AM I an advocate? The FINAL answer is YES, YES I am. I'm an advocate for one and an Advocate for ALL.....but not only am I an advocate, I AM a mom and a darn good one at that.....I LOVE my kids.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So I am NOT one to brag and that I go the the gym three or four times a week, in fact if truth be told I HARDLY head to the gym at all.  This post however ISN'T about weight it's about brains.  See as I said earlier I am a mother of THREE wonderful kids; One of which has A.D.D. I love my dear wonderful son but as of late he has had a REAL obsession and or passion for spending some NOT so quality time with he NOT so wonderful electronics.  Normally I wouldn't mind but it's a known fact that if you ask him to walk away from his precious electronics it's WW4 or 5 depending on which way you look at it.  Not sure how other creative fans feel but I feel that IF a person spends an Obsessive amount of time with these Electronics our brains than starts to turn to mush and we pretty much will end up like a zombie with NO thought pattern or will of any kind what so ever.  So, I being the wonderful mother that I am decided to PULL the plug on MOST of the electronics in the house with the exception of the TV, cause this mom isn't going to raise uncreative zombies, I AM however going to raise creative, individualized children who will in their own right bring out their own personalities and will LOVE every minute of it.....boy am I dreaming it's going to be a LONG ride....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Buttons, buttons and MORE buttons!!!!

Okay so if you are just stopping by and you are checking out the blog you can see that I have a few other blog buttons on my blog. Why, well first of all I am adult who has A.D.D. and I also have a seven year old that has A.D.D. as well. If you don't know anything about A.D.D. the one thing you SHOULD know about A.D.D. we ARE normal people we just think a little bit differently than others. We CAN be some what more creative, and A LOT more unfocused, LOL....Organization has NEVER been one of my forte's and I literally struggle with it EVERYDAY. As my dear wonderful husband would say, I CAN be a train wreck waiting to happen. I have a tendency to flit from ONE project to another, so why the buttons. Each button is linked to a different organizer, and as I have noticed EACH organizer has different tips that I can see if I can adapt to a routine that will FINALLY stick. Every one probably has made a resolution for the year of 2013; however have you kept it? At the start of 2013 I made the resolution to NOT ONLY get organized but to NOT allow A.D.D. to rule my life or my family. As one of the organizers stated: "It didn't get messy in a day and it's NOT going to get clean in a day." So, with that quote floating in the air I have been attempting to make baby steps, it's a process and one in which I hope you will follow, because every little bit of encouragement from friends,family AND fans help.....