Monday, February 22, 2016

Keeping up

You have set a goal and you are ready to take the steps to achieve it; however just when you think you are making progress all the negative influences start to surface.  Think about it and take a look around you  How many times have you heard: "True weight loss can only happen if you use THIS system, do this or eat THAT"? Sadly, it's not just about dieting or weight loss; it's about LIFE! Life refuses to accept you socially unless you fit into it's mold. I live in a small town where EVERYONE goes to the Y,  there is a church on EVERY street corner, every parent sends their little to the SAME preschool, and go to the SAME dance studio.  When the question: "Where does your child go?", is asked it's like their are waiting for the "politically correct" answer and if it's not it, then well we all feel shunned.  My only response to this is, WHY? Why as a society do we have to force people into a mold where we automatically set them up for failure? If you look around it's not survival of the fittest it's actually survival of the "finest" and as a Child  growing up and even as an adult I was NEVER one to "fit" into any mold that was asked of me and I never will.  Call it a personality trait or sense of will, but I think trying to fit in society's mold is like attempting to be someone that you weren't created for.  This brings me back to my original question, why? Why are we so insistent on "keeping up with the Jone's" instead of focusing on the journey that our maker has called us to do.  Why do we feel the need to push the stigma that SIZE maters instead of focusing on just getting healthy.  If our society keeps on insisting on playing "Keeping up with the Jone's" life in ALL it's originality will have no point.  Life isn't about "Keeping Up" it's about living, being your self, pushing yourself beyond what you can do.  The question is: "Who's life are YOU going to live?"