Friday, February 15, 2013

The OTHER woman????

It's official that I HATE valentines day which is WHY I am writing about it the DAY after.  My husband and I NEVER really celebrate it only cause I have had a bad history with the "official" day of love.  So, on the DAY before as a family we went to the grocery store where MY significant other decides to HAND me a flower.  Me being the light hearted person that I am start chuckling and making a joke out of it by saying to the clerk: "Yupper's nothing like buying my OWN valentines present." However, when we got home and got things put away, my significant other proceeds to tell me that he didn't buy the flower for me, he bought it for "Samantha." (names changed to protect privacy).  At first I looked at him and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for several moments.  Than I asked the question that needed to be asked: "Why?" According  to MY significant other Samantha had been telling the Head/Vice principles as well as MY significant other that she DIDN'T want ANY chocolates, or flowers for Valentines day.  So, as an innocent joke  MY significant other went and bought her a flower.  I have been with my significant other for seven years, and I DO trust him but as a woman I am REALLY struggling with the fact that HE bought  flowers for another  woman, So, to ALL THE WOMAN OUT THERE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR MAN BOUGHT FLOWERS TO ANOTHER WOMAN??????


  1. I am not jealous so it would not bother me.

  2. Normally I'm not either but considering he NEVER gets me fliwees it just dudn't look right