Thursday, February 7, 2013

Advocate for ONE Advocate for ALL

So, not sure if many people know it, but my daughter has severe eczema, or as my daughter likes to call it, the YUCKIES!!!!  One of the things we HAVE to do is a 20 min. treatment twice a day.  Do I want to take 20-30 min to put her to bed, not really especially when I'm tired; but when you have a condition you DO what you have to DO.  As I look back on how I have handled things I AM my daughter's advocate.  It was funny cause as I was reading the eczema article that I had written for my daughter that is posted on my website, my oldest looks at me and asks," How come YOUR not MY advocate?"   At first I was shocked that he would even asked such a question.  I mean I work SO hard at trying to please my kids and making sure they would "get it" that some how sadly I feel like I have over looked the "REAL" issues in their tiny but yet so important  lives.  However, as my son sat there patiently waiting for an answer MY light bulb went on (YES I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE OF THOSE) I replied to him," Josh I AM your advocate."  I am your advocate first thing in the morning when YOU refuse to get out of bed, I'm your advocate when I have to dress you like a seven month old NOT a seven year old,  I'm an advocate to your five year old brother who is JUST trying to avoid the whole.middle child syndrome ALL together  and I'm an advocate to my two year old who struggles with YUCKIES every day.  So, the TRUE question is, AM I an advocate? The FINAL answer is YES, YES I am. I'm an advocate for one and an Advocate for ALL.....but not only am I an advocate, I AM a mom and a darn good one at that.....I LOVE my kids.

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