Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So I am NOT one to brag and that I go the the gym three or four times a week, in fact if truth be told I HARDLY head to the gym at all.  This post however ISN'T about weight it's about brains.  See as I said earlier I am a mother of THREE wonderful kids; One of which has A.D.D. I love my dear wonderful son but as of late he has had a REAL obsession and or passion for spending some NOT so quality time with he NOT so wonderful electronics.  Normally I wouldn't mind but it's a known fact that if you ask him to walk away from his precious electronics it's WW4 or 5 depending on which way you look at it.  Not sure how other creative fans feel but I feel that IF a person spends an Obsessive amount of time with these Electronics our brains than starts to turn to mush and we pretty much will end up like a zombie with NO thought pattern or will of any kind what so ever.  So, I being the wonderful mother that I am decided to PULL the plug on MOST of the electronics in the house with the exception of the TV, cause this mom isn't going to raise uncreative zombies, I AM however going to raise creative, individualized children who will in their own right bring out their own personalities and will LOVE every minute of it.....boy am I dreaming it's going to be a LONG ride....

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